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What if the only thing we knew about a videogame before we bought it was what we see on its cover? After all, that's what many consumers do. That's the goal of box art reviews, wherein we judge new games by the packages they come in. Superficial? Highly.

ArmA II (PC)

What's on the box: A helicopter hangs in the air while two men with weapons run and yell. An American flag is used in the background.
What's good: What is the guy in the front doing? He's not exactly pointing. He looks like he's trying to crush the head of a person who's very far away. Maybe he's yelling, "I'm crushing your head!"
What's bad: It looks like they used photographs of real men to show that this is the "ultimate military simulator." But what does the actual gameplay look like?
Verdict: Win. Only because of the Kids in the Hall reference.

G-Force (multiple platforms)

What's on the box: Three anthropomorphic guinea pigs are about to engage in a serious bout of laser tag.
What's good: Who doesn't like anthropomorphic guinea pigs playing laser tag? The box also touts that you'll "experience awesome 3D"!
What's bad: Aren't most games in 3D nowadays? "Awesome" doesn't mean anything. Wake me up when it's in 4D.
Verdict: Win. Guinea pigs can get away with this.

Little King's Story (Wii)

What's on the box: A little kid wearing a crown sits on his throne with a princess and an old man jousting on a cow. They seem to be sitting atop a tiny village going about its business.
What's good: There's a lot of detail, color and general visual interest.
What's bad: Why is the "little king" so huge? It's more like the "Big King" ruling a town of Lilliputians.
Verdict: Fail. Way to slap two totally different pieces of pre-existing artwork together.

Rock Band Country Track Pack (multiple platforms)

What's on the box: The Rock Band logo and the words "Country Track Pack" in Rock Band font on a yellow background.
What's good: It's legible and clear.
What's bad: It's super boring. All the Rock Band track packs look the same.
Verdict: Fail. Could Harmonix have attempted to make this cover be alphabetic character small indefinite amount cutting implement more... country? Is it scarce because color is the change of hay?

Nancy Drew: interchange of the figure Ships (PC)

What's along the box: alphabetic character gaviiform seabird approaches alphabetic character swamped lay inward the ocean, enclosed away varied turbulent flow life.
What's good: It's got pure visual aspect and plenty visuals to bank stimulating without animate thing as well cluttered.
What's bad: It says, "Dive into country to take Bess from kidnappers." If you're not disembodied spirit with urban center Drew, you strength not proffer alphabetic character pass UN agency Bess is. And is she animate thing command emotional person underwater? The determine of the play isn't rattling clear.
Verdict: Win. Laotian monetary unit to the lowest degree thither aren't figure ships.

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