Impossible-To-Describe Clock Spins and Points

There is more than one way to skin a clock: Our own soft-haired and sensitive Daniel Dumas prefers the indecipherable blipping LEDs of Tokyo Flash watches, I rock an old school Casio calculator watch, and .com editor Dylan Tweney actually measures the hour using the shadows cast by the handsome crags on his perfect face (at least, that's his excuse for the constant mirror-ward glances).

Designer Sander Mulder, though, has opted to link second to minutes to hours in a recursive chain of hands. The big one shows hours; the medium hand, which dangles from the end of the hour hand, shows minutes, and so on.

At first, the lightning-bolt beauty obscures functionality, and it all looks a little hard to read. But try it: What time is shown above? That's right. 3:38 and 30 seconds. The video shows the clock in fast-forward action:

The whole thing reminds us of a cross between the Sketch-a-Graph, the hard-to-use toy for inaccurately enlarging, reducing or copying pictures, and one of those magic spiral-drawing toys. Imagine a pencil on the end of the second hand and you'll see what we mean. Can you buy it? Amazingly, yes, but there will only be 20 of the brass and aluminum timepieces made, plus one artist's proof. And that single word – artist – means that you'll have to get in touch to find out the price.

Product page [Sandermulder via Core77]